The new Airbnb of free walking tours

GuruWalk - a new platform

GuruWalk is on a mission to become the world's leading platform for tip-based tours. It helps anybody share their passion with travelers by uploading their own tour to the platform and allowing them to earn an additional income.

Travelers love this concept because it allows them to visit the main landmarks of a city in just a couple of hours without having to plan, and they pay what they think is fair.

The platform provides access to history and culture to people from all economic levels. Since guides get their tips at the end of the itinerary, they push towards being fun and entertaining until the last minute. This is quite different compared to the boring traditional tours you always end up regretting having paid so much for.

In just over a year, GuruWalk has reached more than 60 countries and has changed the lives of over 800 guides and families. Of the thousands of tours available, many are about the main attractions of a city, but many others are alternative tours that will leave you speechless, such as a Harry Potter visit in London or an expedition inside a volcano in Tenerife.

One of the key factors that has allowed GuruWalk to grow so fast is its price. The tours do not have a fixed price, the traveler gives whatever they want at the end of the visit according to the experience they had and the budget available. In addition, the booking is free of charge, fast (it takes less than a minute), and flexible (you can book they day before and cancel at any time without charge).

However, not everything is price related. Quality is of upmost importance. That is why the traveler can check the quality of the tour through the reviews left by other users. GuruWalk makes sure that the guides that upload a tour on the platform are passionate and knowledgeable about a particular subject, such as architecture, arts, or gastronomy, so as to guarantee that the tour will be valuable.

At the end of the day, GuruWalk is more than just a tour platform. We think that traveling has to go deeper than posts on social media; it has to be an eye-opening experience and give you the chance to get to know other cultures and to be open-minded about other ways of living. Many users meet other travelers in the group during their visits and end up making friends with people from all over of the world. Thanks to our growing family of travelers and guides, GuruWalk hopes to build a more empathetic world.